'Full House' Revival: Jesse & The Rippers Reunion & Other Music Moments We Need to See

Lorimar Television/Fotos International/Getty Images
Cast of the television series Full House featuring Ashley or Mary Kate Olsen, Bob Saget, David Coulier, Candace Cameron, John Stamos, and Jodie Sweetin, circa 1987.

Full House is about to become overcrowded.

After constant rumors, John Stamos confirmed to Jimmy Kimmel Monday night (April 20) that the show would be revived on Netflix, and Netflix later confirmed the news. While the whole cast won't be series regulars (smart money is on Michelle Tanner/Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen "living abroad working on their fashion line" the entire run of the show), the new show, Fuller House, will still feature many familiar faces. 

"The new incarnation will star original cast members Candace Cameron-Bure (D.J.), her on-screen younger sister, Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie), and Andrea Barber, who played her best friend, Kimmy Gibbler. Stamos will produce and reprise his role as Uncle Jesse in a guest role, per The Hollywood Reporter, while talks are also happening to bring back other original stars in guest roles. The plot "finds D.J. Tanner-Fuller employed as a vet, pregnant and recently widowed, and living in San Francisco. Stephanie, now an aspiring musician, and single mother Kimmy -- along with Kimmy's feisty teenage daughter, Ramona -- all move in to help take care of D.J.'s two boys -- the rebellious 12-year-old J.D. and neurotic 7-year-old Max -- and her soon-to-arrive baby."

It's Official: 'Full House' Revival Heading to Netflix

Music was always such a big part of the original, so here's hoping Netflix's 13-episode order will have plenty of musical moments. Below, three highlights from the silly original and ideas on how to revamp them for the 2016 reboot. 

1. In the constant cheese-off that was the 8 seasons of Full House, one of the most delightful parts was whenever John Stamos (as hot in 2015 as he was in 1989), would debut his music, ideally with his sexxxy rock band Jesse & The Rippers. Who can forget his cover of the Beach Boys' "Forever"? 

Now: It sounds like the now-adult Stephanie will be picking up where her uncle left off -- here's hoping Steph has improved since her "I Saw The Sign" days

2. Never forget: There was a full episode of this show which was about which family member D.J. would take to a Beach Boys concert that ended with the full family up on the stage rocking out with the band. 

Now: Since this whole show is basically a glorified nostalgia trip, Netflix should just lean in and have the revival feature the remaining Beach Boys, as well as -- inevitable extra buzz alert! -- '90s television bands. We're looking at you, Zach Attack.  

3. "Everywhere You Look," the always-on-television, catchy Full House theme song that haunts both your dreams and nightmares, was co-written by series creator Jeff Franklin and played in front of every episode of the show with different footage.  

Now: It's no secret that theme songs have gone the way of '80s perms, but if the show is bringing back a bunch of stuff that otherwise was frozen in time from 25 years ago, maybe it could start a trend with a new song-length theme song as well. Jesse & The Rippers could probably figure something out.