Ice Cube Explains the Enduring Appeal of 'Friday' As It Returns to Theaters for 4/20

Ice Cube and Chris Tucker Friday 1995
Courtesy of New Line Cinema

Ice Cube and Chris Tucker in the 1995 movie "Friday."

With the immortal hood/stoner/best buddy flick Friday turning 20 this year, Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are headed back to theaters for one night only -- appropriately enough, that's tonight, 4/20.

Spawning two sequels and a No. 1 soundtrack on the Billboard 200, Friday keeps finding new fans with every year (and blunt) that passes.

To commemorate the comedy classic's 20th anniversary, Billboard spoke with Ice Cube to find out why he thinks so many people hold Friday in high regard. 

"For one thing, everybody can be Craig and Smokey," Ice Cube tells Billboard about the movie's enduring appeal. "You can always kick it with Craig, the homeboy or homegirl, just kick it all day and trip off your neighborhood. That's what people do every day. It strikes a chord there.

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"But also, it's the day the bully gets his ass whooped. Everyone remembers the day the bully gets his ass whopped. Everybody loved that day. It was like ding-dong, the witch is dead. It's a thing everybody loves and remembers -- so everybody can be Friday. Everybody's life can be Friday."

But the former N.W.A rapper admits that relatability isn't the only reason Friday holds up. F. Gary Gray's directorial debut (he's also helming the upcoming N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton) deftly melds comic and tragic elements.

"It's really a slice of life that's fun, but it takes things that are pretty tragic in a lot of ways. You got the ice cream man selling dope, the crackhead dude running up and down the street. You got all these crazy things -- you take a gun or you fight with your hands -- it lets us laugh at them and takes the pressure off a little bit. I think those are some of the reasons people always gonna love that movie."

You can find out where Friday's 4/20 screening are right here.