Nick Cannon On Mariah Carey: 'That Will Always Be The Love of My Life'

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Mariah Carey and actor/TV personality  Nick Cannon arrive at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 18, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. 

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey recently spent Easter together after going their separate ways last year. And now Cannon admits that Carey will always have a special place in his heart.

"It's one of those things, I'm a hopeless romantic too," he says on an episode of the Meredith Vieira Show airing Monday (Apr. 20) after being asked about a TMZ video where he addressed if he and Mariah might reconcile in the future.  

He now says "I shouldn't have said nothing" (he did tease that it was a possibility) admitting that "through this learning process, you never say never. To me one thing I know, that will always be the love of my life, my family and that's never going to change."

In previews posted online ahead of Monday's episode, Cannon went on to say that he's learned a lot from having to deal with the split in the public eye. And those lessons come from the way Carey has handled the very public break-up.

"It's extremely disappointing when you see that people just want to perpetuate negativity when there is no negativity even involved," he says. "They want to make up stuff and create things. You kind of get to that place where, I've always been the most open and honest person but I understand kind of playing it close to the vest because when you start to feed into it and there are so many false items and people just want to speculate then you don't want to say anything at all."

He continued, "That's one thing I actually admire Mariah because she is professional. You ain't going to get nothing out of her. I was like you know what, I'm learning. I'm learning."