Tax Day Playlist: 31 Songs to Get You Through

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April 18th is a day Americans dread: Tax Day. Unless you’re an accountant or a tax preparer about to get a big paycheck -- and even then, you might be stressed from weeks of handling other people’s taxes.

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We hope you stocked up on coffee and comfort food and remembered to organize the endless pile of e-data and bits of paper you’ll need in order to hang on to as much of your dear cash as you can.  In sympathy, we’ve prepared a list of thumping tunes to keep you going as you make your way through all those damn forms tonight.

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Here are some tracks, including The Beatles’ “Taxman” (arguably most famous song about taxes), to get you through your annual fun with the Infernal Revenue Service. And -- if you need a few about being annoyed at the government or general money woes -- they're in here too.