Check Out This Lost 1979 Madonna Photo

Before becoming the most legendary pop star on the planet (and way before becoming a standup comedian on The Tonight Show), Madonna was just another girl who moved from the Midwest to New York City to make it big.

By all accounts, Madonna was already acting like a star before she was one. And just like post-fame Madonna, pre-fame Madonna was never ashamed to bare it all.

In their upcoming issue (out April 17), Playboy is running several "lost nudes" Madonna posed for in 1979. Taken by Martin H.M. Schreiber in his Manhattan studio, the photos will appear in his book, A Retrospective 1966-2014, which drops in June 2015.

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Ahead of its May issue, Playboy is sharing a non-nude Madonna shot from that 1979 shoot (check it above; photo courtesy Playboy/Martin H.M. Schreiber).

Even back then, Madonna defiantly stares down the viewer like Manet's Olympia come to life (incidentally, both pictures have cats). Or in less academic terms, let's just say her eyes said "Bitch I'm Madonna" 35 years before her lips ever did.

You can see some of the nude photos over at (but be aware they're NSFW, obviously).