Watch Anne Hathaway Go All Out on 'Wrecking Ball' for 'Lip Sync Battle'

Anne Hathaway
Courtesy of Spike TV

Anne Hathaway on "Lip Synch Battle" on April 9, 2015.

Is it any surprise that America's Favorite Former Theater Kid Anne Hathaway went all out for her appearance on Lip Sync Battle? (Real talk: Is there any other way to perform in a televised lip sync contest?)

The Oscar winner is known for her energy, so it's not exactly a surprise that for her competition against Emily Blunt, lady brought out a real-life wrecking ball to perform Miley Cyrus' ballad. No, she's not naked à la Miley, but the brief clip does show Hathaway flipping the bird at Blunt, so it already is more Gif-able than anything else you've seen today. 

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Hathaway is gearing up for her one-woman show in New York, Grounded, which unfortunately isn't expected to contain any lip syncing. A giant missed opportunity, judging by the below video. Hathaway's battle against Blunt will air April 9 on Spike.