Ronan Farrow Is Frank Sinatra's Son? Nancy Sinatra Says That's 'Nonsense'

Ronan Farrow
Heidi Gutman/MSNBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ronan Farrow photographed in 2013.

Back in 2013, Mia Farrow told Vanity Fair that Ronan Farrow -- her son long-believed to be fathered by her ex, Woody Allen -- was "possibly" the son of Frank Sinatra. Although Farrow and Sinatra divorced in 1968, she admitted they maintained a relationship long after that (Ronan was born in 1987).

Mia Farrow Says Son Might Be Frank Sinatra's

Now, Sinatra's undisputed biological children are weighing in on the subject. When asked about Ronan possibly being Frank's son on CBS Sunday Morning, Nancy Sinatra responded, "Mia's son? Oh, nonsense." Nancy said Frank would have "laughed it off" if he were still alive. "I was kind of cranky at Mia for even saying 'possibly' because she knew better."

Similarly, Tina Sinatra recently spoke to Showbiz 411 and said it "couldn't be" true. "Frank had a vasectomy before that. I don't know whose son Ronan is."

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Either way, Ronan Farrow seems intent on not following in either potential father's footsteps. He's avoided the worlds of music and film, focusing his attention on politics, journalism and activism (much like his mother, a longtime human-rights activist).