Florence + the Machine Travels Through Hell in Dreamy 'St. Jude' Video

Florence + the Machine, "St. Jude"

A still from Florence + the Machine's 2015 video for "St. Jude."

Florence Welch is looking sad in the Dante-inspired video for Florence + the Machine's "St. Jude."

The video opens with a woman (presumably Welch) topless and wearing jeans in the woods. Next the dreamy visual cuts to the singer in the arms of her lover, soaking wet. After he retreats, she heads out into the world and stumbles upon various characters, including one man who wonders why she's traveling by herself. Her answer is found in the track's lyrics.

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As the video nears it end, Welch stands in a field, arms stretched out before she falls to the ground.

"St. Jude" is taken from Florence's upcoming How Big How Blue How Beautiful album release set for June 2. The video was directed by Vincent Haycock and is apparently a sequel to the visual "What Kind of Man," also from the same June release.

"It's obviously about relationships, but it's also about Florence traveling through our version of the Divine Comedy," the director said in a statement, via Pitchfork. He adds that this particular visual shows Florence in "the first layer of Hell."