Drake Is Sued Over 'Homecoming' Film Pushback

Paul Bergen/Redferns via Getty Images
Drake photographed on March 5, 2014 in Amsterdam.

After publicly disowning Drake's Homecoming: The Lost Footage on Twitter, Drake was sued Wednesday (March 18) by SpectiCast, the company distributing the film, a spokeswoman confirmed to Billboard.

Drake Disowns 'Drake's Homecoming: The Lost Footage' Film

Drake took to Twitter on Monday to let fans know that he doesn't support the film, which will be released in theaters for one night only on Thursday.

The film features a 23-year-old Drake performing at Toronto's Sound Academy in 2009. The Los Angeles Times reported earlier this week that Drake agreed to let the concert be filmed back in '09 and was paid $15,000 and promised a 15% royalty if the footage was ever used. One of the film's co-executive producers, Mark Berry, told The Times he thinks Drake is lashing out at the film because he thinks he deserves a larger cut.

"This film is a concert film showing Drake's sold-out performance in 2009," SpectiCast attorney Peter Haviland said in a statement to Billboard. "Drake authorized the filming, he was paid for it, he still has a financial stake in the movie, and his current statements to the contrary are completely false. SpectiCast is a respected distributor. As we state in our complaint, Drake's actions are libelous, malicious and damaging to those who worked hard and honorably to get this movie out."

The lawsuit is seeking damages and a declaration from the court confirming that the film's release was authorized.

A rep for Drake hadn't responded to Billboard's request for comment at press time.