Exclusive Premiere: Steve Grand's 'All American Boy' Debut Album Is Here

Steve Grand
Courtesy of Grand Nation

Steve Grand

People keeping an eye on the future of the music industry may already be well aware of Steve Grand, the first country singer to begin his career out of the closet. He made news in 2013 after his buzzy video for "All American Boy" went viral, and his album of the same name was funded through Kickstarter in what became the third-most funded music project on Kickstarter at the time. 

""I've been waiting to release this album to my fans for so long!" Grand tells Billboard. "Every song is another big piece of me. With each song on it's own, and as they stand together collectively, I think my fans are going to get to know me on a deeper level, and I think that will only make our strong bond even stronger! I'm especially excited for them to hear "Whiskey Crime," "We Are the Night," and "Say You Love Me," but I know this album has a track for each and everyone of my fans. I was thinking of them every step of the way.  They are just as much a part of this record as I am." 

Exclusively listen to All American Boy, which you can pre-order on iTunes, below.