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Miami Police Confirm Lil Wayne Gunshot Phone Call Was a Hoax

Courtesy Photo
Lil Wayne photographed in 2013.

After scouring the rooms of Lil Wayne's Miami Beach residence on Wednesday afternoon, a SWAT team found no signs of gunfire or injured victims, according to Miami police rep Ernesto Rodriguez.

"We weren't able to locate victims or gunshots at the home," Rodriguez told reporters outside of Lil Wayne's residence. "We can say for sure it was a hoax."

Lil Wayne echoed that on Twitter:

This news comes in direct conflict with an earlier phone call from a man who claimed to have shot four people at Lil Wayne's house. Prior to the SWAT team's investigation, Rodriguez told reporters that an "individual advised us he had shot four people [at the residence] and requested police assistance."

After receiving the call, police rushed to Wayne's expensive La Gorce residence. Despite a 30-minute investigation of the home, they found no evidence of gunshots or injuries and gave an "all clear" sign after investigating the house.