What Happens When Marilyn Manson's Dad Wears His Son's Makeup?

Marilyn Manson and Hugh Warner
Terry Richardson for Paper Magazine

Marilyn Manson with his father, Hugh Warner.

Can Marilyn Manson's Paper cover break the Internet? Well, maybe not quite like Kim Kardashian, but the Pale Emperor and his father gave it their best shot.

Marilyn Manson on His New Album 'The Pale Emperor': 'I Have Hellhounds on My Heels -- and This Record Is Payment'

Manson covers the new Paper issue, which includes a very special photo inside. Yes, that's Manson (real name: Brian Warner) posing with his real life father, Hugh Warner in full makeup.

In the interview, Manson spoke about how he'd gotten closer with the elder Warner after the death of his mother and how he actually was a good student -- in Catholic school, no less.

"Brian shows an enthusiasm for the Bible and is very considerate of his fellow classmates," reads an old report card, to go with his straight As. No kidding.

The rocker's most recent album, The Pale Emperor, was released on Jan. 20 and peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard 200.