Cher & Piers Morgan Battle Over Fishnets on Twitter

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First things first: If you're engaging with Piers Morgan on Twitter, you've already lost. But sometimes his asinine comments about women's appearances demand response.

Morgan was doing Morgan Monday night on the social networking site, sharing that yes, he still doesn't care for Madonna, but would maybe like her more if/when she puts some more clothes on. (Perez Hilton asked about his Madonna thoughts, for what it's worth.)

Hilton and others then pointed out that, um, Cher is even older than Madonna and is still rocking the elaborate costumes --including sexy fishnet stockings -- and she looks great. Morgan doesn't think so!

Well, now he's gone and insulted Cher (who, it must be said, consistently owns Twitter), so it was time for the fishnet-wearing lady to say her piece. 

Emoji-laced smackdown for the win.

Perhaps Rihanna -- who also has succinctly shut Morgan's unsolicited appearance thoughts down on Twitter -- and Cher can form an all-powerful girl group and get Morgan banned from the site?