Korn's Original Drummer Sues Band for Breach of Partnership Agreement

Courtesy Photo

Korn's original drummer David Silveria -- who helped found the pioneering nu-metal band back in 1993 -- is suing the current iteration of Korn for an alleged breach of their partnership agreement.

Silveria announced he was taking a "temporary hiatus" from Korn in 2006. According to his lawsuit, filed in a Los Angeles County court on Feb. 26, Siliveria attempted to put aside "old grudges" in 2013 and return to the band, but was shut down.

Now, he's seeking one-fifth of the money the band has made since 2006, as per the "one-fifth owner[ship] of the Korn Partnership" he claims to hold in his lawsuit. After receiving his payment, Silveria is looking to dissolve his partnership with the band.

Billboard reached out to a rep for the band for comment.