Justin Bieber Gets Tattooed in Honor of Comedy Central Roast

Courtesy of Comedy Central
Justin Bieber in a promotional ad for the Comedy Central Roast of Justin BieberĀ airing on March 30, 2015.

You might think there wouldn't be enough free space on Justin Bieber's torso these days for a new tattoo, but you would be wrong. There's always room to ink a giant target symbol onto someone's back.

Bieber Gets Egged in Comedy Central Roast Promo

In the latest promo for Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber, roast vet Jeffrey Ross inks a target onto the bad-boy pop star's body. Check that: He's a repentant bad-boy pop star these days. It's hard to keep track.

Either way, here's yet another Comedy Central promo video with a shirtless Bieber (last time around he was turned into a two-legged omelette). Watch it here.