Exclusive Premiere: The Glitch Mob's 'I Need My Memory Back' (Boom Bip Remix)

The Glitch Mob

Once it is unleashed into the world, an album does not change. This is simultaneously a strength -- the record stands as a document of a particular moment in time for a particular artist or group of artists -- and a weakness: as your ears adapt and adjust to new sounds, an album that you once loved may not grow with you.

But remix albums can give a record a second life. Today the chart-topping L.A. group Glitch Mob -- who make beat-driven electronic music -- are releasing Love Death Immortality Remixes, which includes 18 reworkings of songs from their 2014 album Love Death Immortality. Billboard is premiering one of the tracks, the Boom Bip remix of "I Need My Memory Back." Listen below.

Glitch Mob connected with a wide range of artists to remix their songs, including Mord Fustang, Bassnectar, and Boom Bip. "[Glitch] Mob's roots lie in underground hip-hop and IDM," the group explains. "Boom Bip is a true innovator in this world. His album Circle with Dose One was an important record for us, as well as the Boards of Canada remix of his tune, 'Last Walk Around Mirror Lake.' A true beat mastermind, it's an honor to have him remix us."

You can buy Love Death Immortality Remixes today. Glitch Mob will also be hitting the road for a short tour in May. You can find those dates here.