Daft Punk Worked on Short Film for Nile Rodgers' Chic Record

Daft Punk Pharrell Nile Rodgers 650

Daft Punk have re-teamed with Nile Rodgers for a forthcoming film tied to the release of his upcoming Chic album.

Rodgers shared the news on Twitter on Feb. 21, noting that the "touching film," created by his "Get Lucky" collaborators, will hit the streets "within the next few weeks."

On his website, Rodgers also teased that new music, a track titled "I'll Be There," is slated for release on March 20.

"I'll officially release the song at the start of that celestial phenomenon in the city and country where they set Greenwich Mean Time: London, England. The solar eclipse will begin at 8:25 (GMT), the greatest eclipse will be at 9:31 (GMT) and will end at 10:41 (GMT)," he wrote.

He added, "In this short music teaser, the horn blast appears at what's called the point of totality, or the greatest eclipse - when day will seemingly to turn into night."