Chris Robinson Talks Black Crowes Breakup: 'Never Had Much of a Relationship' With Brother Rich

Haston/NBCU Photo Bank
The Black Crowes perform on March 21, 2008 on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson appeared on HuffPost Live on Friday (Feb. 20), confirming what fans had feared -- that the rock act is officially no more.

"The Black Crowes have broken up," elder Robinson brother says, responding to Rich Robinson's breakup talk from last month. "They don't want the Black Crowes to be, it's not gonna be. I would have preferred to just left it be."

He also admits that he hasn't exactly been close with his brother over the years:

"[Rich and I] never really had much of a relationship ... You write some songs and that record sells 6 million copies and then you keep going ... You know, like I said, joy is what I'm after."

Black Crowes' Rich Robinson: 'The Band Has Broken Up'

When asked if the band brought him joy, he coldly responds, "No, not really."

Speaking of joy, though, Robinson did go on to talk about the wonders of psychedelic drugs:

Back on Jan. 15, Rich Robinson announced the band's breakup via a public statement, citing his brother's demands for greater control over the 26-year-old band.