Conan Talks Milestone 'Conan In Cuba' Special

Joe Pugliese
Conan O'Brien photographed at Siren Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Following President Obama's decision to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, Conan O'Brien decided to head to the country to film an episode of Conan -- a first for late night television. The TV host recently described his trip on the show.

Conan O'Brien Films in Cuba, Marking Late-Night First

Conan and his camera crew "spent four days shooting round the clock all around Havana." He called it "a fantastic experience" and added, "The people are absolutely amazing." 

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You can watch Conan In Cuba Wednesday, March 4 on TBS. Conan says that he spent some time during his visit dancing with Cuban street performers, which is reason enough to tune in (if you need convincing).