Exclusive: Happy Fangs Premiere Video For Driving Garage Rocker 'Raw Nights'

Karina Ordell
Happy Fangs

Rockin' San Francisco trio Happy Fangs released their debut LP Capricorn on Jan. 27 and now they're giving their song "Raw Nights" the video treatment.

The punkish garage trio put their warpaint on -- literally -- for the video, which brings the cut "Raw Nights" to life, from black and white to Technicolor. The band was actually painted entirely black and white under their face paint, then filmed in color to make the full-color burst all the more striking.

And there's the song, too. Rebecca Bortman's frenzied vocal performance and Michael Cobra's buzz saw guitar evoke just about every era of badass rock and roll -- '60s garage, '77 punk, riot grrrl, you name it. And don't forget drummer Jess Gowrie, who drums so hard that her in-ear monitors had to be taped into her ears.

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"Excuse me sir, do you have a minute to talk about rock and roll?" Bortman asks mid-song. She's referencing a night in Cambridge, Mass. when the band feared it would be playing to no one but the bar's staff.

"There was a Red Sox playoff game, a Pearl Jam concert, and a Janelle Monae concert. A.k.a., we picked the worst night of the year to play Boston," Bortman tells Billboard. "So I started walking up to people and asking them, 'Excuse me, sir. Do you have a minute…' Every single person would look away, try to avoid eye contact -- "…to talk about rock & roll?" That got every single person's attention. And we talked to a dozen people on our walk. We got to tell every single one of them about Happy Fangs."

If you have two minutes, check out the band's upcoming tour dates:

March 4: Los Angeles, CA (Los Globos)
March 5: San Diego, CA (The Merrow)
March 7: San Francisco, CA (Great American Music Hall)
March 12: Portland, OR (Ash Street Saloon)
March 13: Olympia, WA (McCoy's Tavern)
March 14: Seattle, WA (The Highline)