Bayside Takes On 'Bullsh-t' Warped Tour Bands in 'Dancing Like An Idiot' Lyric Video Premiere

Courtesy of Hopeless Records


The brand new song from 'Cult White Edition' laments, "You're basically One Direction if they all had throat tattoos."

Bayside is about to embark on a tour to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Frontman Anthony Raneri has played plenty of Warped Tours in his time, and something he noticed over the years inspired a brand new song for the deluxe reissue of their 2014 album Cult.

"That's where I get to see what the kids are doing," Raneri tells Billboard. "At Bayside shows, I wouldn't know what the trends are with young kids, same in my home life. Warped Tour is where you see all kinds of different people. I see bands or fans come to the show, different fashion styles, different statements. Some of it's rad. Some of it's bullshit. And the bullshit rises to the top sometimes."

What sort of bullshit is he talking about? Check out the lyric video for new song "Dancing Like An Idiot," premiering exclusively via Billboard:

"These bands are just writing giant curses on t-shirts and selling it to a kid cause they know the kid is stupid enough to buy it," Raneri says. "You're telling them it's cool to buy a t-shirt to piss their parents off. There's nothing cool about that -- that's mall rebellion. That's not real rebellion. I grew up liking The Smiths, liking Nirvana… I fucking hated Guns N' Roses. It was bullshit, misogynistic, it was fake rebellion -- nothing is more corporate and commercialized."

So what Warped bands is he taking shots at? He's content to let the video do the talking.

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"We thought that it was just too obvious and not smart enough to put pictures of the bands we're talking about and want to make fun of. So the middle ground is that we used all their fonts to write the words… In the background it's all clips from movies – clips from Idiocracy, clips from Wizards from the '70s, clips from The Three Stooges, clips that sort of told the story from the song."

Cult White Edition -- the deluxe album featuring "Dancing Like An Idiot" and three other bonus tracks -- drops March 3 via Hopeless Records. 

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In other news, Raneri addressed recent Instagram pictures of him laying down vocals. Turns out he's got a couple of side projects going on. Raneri is currently finishing up a solo EP and recorded vocals for a ska seven-inch a few months back. "It's always been a dream to sing in a band that sounds like The Specials," he says.

But first thing's first -- after a handful of Australian dates in Feb., Bayside embarks on a 15th anniversary North American tour beginning March 5 in Orlando, Fla. Check out the band's official site for dates.