'Glee' Music Recap: Transitioning

Michael Yarish/FOX
Rachel (Lea Michele) and Blaine (Darren Criss) get egged in the "Transitioning" episode of Glee airing on Feb. 13, 2015 on FOX.

One twist of Glee is you never know exactly what kind of episode you're going to get: The show can at times be both super goofy and incredibly emotional -- often in the same hour. That was the case in last night's episode, "Transitioning," which dealt with Coach Beiste's return to school after becomming a man. There was bullying, egging, a kiss between Kurt and Blaine (and Sam and Rachel!), as well as Mr. Schuester's super inevitable return to New Directions.

The music was particularly strong last night as well, with both current hits (Hi, Meghan Trainor!) as well as classics that the show somehow hasn't yet covered ("Time After Time"). Below, all of the performances from "Transitioning," ranked, as always, in a highly subjective way, taking into acount energy levels, how the number fit into the plot, whether the tune is just an all-around perfect song, and if the made any changes to the number to really give it a unique spin. I'll say right now that any number that gives me flashbacks to the iconic and hilarious "Don't You Want Me" from season's past is automatically shooting towards the top of the list.

6. "Same Love"
The message of the song? Flawless. But this performance was just a little too earnest for me -- and I think this show has given us more than enough of Will rapping over the years. Time to shut it down. 

5. "You Give Love a Bad Name"
Classic song, and as always, military precision from Vocal Adreniline. But it's much like we've seen time and time again from them (nothing new here!), and because we only got to see a bit of the performance, it can't hold a candle to some of the numbers coming later. 

4. "All About That Bass"
Glee is on episode 7 of the season, and it somehow took this long to get an "All About That Bass" cover by Mercedes. Super inevitable, yes, but by having the performance in Rachel's basement as opposed to being part of a choir room lesson, it allowed the number to be goofy and fun, which of course made the whole thing more enjoyable (total burnout on that song notwithstanding). 

3. "Somebody to Love"
Show of hands: Who would watch a show that was just various members of New Directions new and old partnering up in Rachel's basement to sing duets? I'd like it on record that I would definetly watch that show. It was fun to see Kurt and Blaine sing another number together, finally, but it was mostly just fun to watch a bunch of goofy performances back to back. More of this, please.  

2. "Time After Time"
BLAINE KISSED KURT! Pause for a quick plot update: I like the pacing of getting the two of them back together. Slow, but at least something happens each week. #KlaineForever by finale time, I suppose. This song is already working with an unfair advantage because it is simply one of the great power ballads of all time. Throw in the Blaine/Kurt story emotion, as well as the fact that Glee's best belter Rachel is doing vocals and we all knew this was going to be a winner from the opening notes. 

1. "I Know Where I've Been"
I mean, how could this not be number one? Glee gets knocked around a lot for being totally ridiculous a lot of the time, but the show is then also capable of pulling something like this: A transgender chorus of 300, led by a happily returning Unique, to sing the powerful Hairspray ballad about overcoming the odds and dreaming of a better tomorrow, all for a tearful and overwhelmed Coach Beiste. It was pretty special, and a great way to close out the hour. 

I can't be the only one who's hoping "Britney Part 3" for next week isn't a joke. What current songs do you hope to see Team Glee take on next?