Exclusive Premiere: Hayley Kiyoko, 'This Side of Paradise' EP

Hayley Kiyoko
Topshelf Junior

Hayley Kiyoko

While making her new EP, This Side Of Paradise, the musician and actress Hayley Kiyoko took part in a time-honored tradition: she headed to her parents' garage. Working there -- along with the producer and multi-instrumentalist James Flannigan -- she wrote and recorded the EP's five songs, drawing on the thick, bubbling textures of '80s pop and injecting them with modern flavor. Today Billboard is exclusively premiering This Side Of Paradise, listen below.

"The outcome of this EP is worth so much more to me because it was really built from the ground up," Kiyoko tells Billboard.  She wrote a highly personal collection of songs. "I think every track of the EP is really a piece of me, of what I have felt growing up, from a child to a young adult," she says.

This Side Of Paradise is vibrant and full of details. The galloping "Feeding The Fire" is especially vigorous -- rubbery, galloping, hard-headed. "We didn't have anyone telling us how to make a record, we just did what we wanted," Kiyoko explains. The result? Energetic, high-stakes pop music.