'Glee' Music Recap: The Hurt Locker Part 2

Beth Dubber/FOX
Kitty (Becca Tobin) helps Rachel (Lea Michele) find the perfect set list to win in the "The Hurt Locker, Part Two" episode of Glee airing Jan. 30, 2015. 

Turns out even Sue Sylvester falls to the power of "Father Figure."

Everyone's got the songs that always make them tear up, and this week -- thanks to a password-protected file on Sue's computer -- the Glee kids and fans learned what turn Sue into an emotional mess. All the better to win Regionals with, my dear.

In the second of a two-parter, Sue was up to her typical scheming ways, but with a distinctly creepy edge. She locked Kurt and Blaine in an elevator together and wouldn't let them leave until they made out. Yes, it was disturbing. Yes, they did kiss and it was pretty hot, so let's just go ahead and call this one a draw. (Kurt and Blaine are now friends, so Sue's plan to get them back together by series finale time is right on schedule.)

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In other news, Rachel recruits popular senior cheerleader mean girl Becky back to the Glee club, and -- as they are wont to do -- the kids quickly learn the songs for the invitational, which has now been spread over three days, because of course it has.

Below, all the musical numbers from last night, ranked, as always, on overall performance. Note: Last night was a bit of an outlier, as all five of the numbers were straight performance numbers that played out on McKinley's auditorium stage, as opposed to fantasy sequences or choir room solos. 

5. My Sharona
This Warblers performance was clean, precise, and catchy. It should have ranked higher -- but the New Directions came to win.

4. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
In the second of the Warblers' songs, the preppy Warblers got a rock 'n roll edge. The guys should loosen their ties more often. 

3. Father Figure
Who else just got real excited about the new New Directions? This was a montage on par with some of New Directions' all-time greats. They weren't exactly playing fair (these songs are guarenteed feelings traps, after all) but that didn't stop me from hitting replay.

2. All Out of Love
Poor Sue Sylvester. Intercut with the group's powerhouse performance was another montage of Sue's life of disappointments -- this time, those that were Hollywood-based. That part was sad, but watching the gang's deceptively simple performance makes me excited for what else they have in store. No wonder they won the competition. 

1. It Must Have Been Love
What was not to love (besides the forced affection)? The New Directions started strong with this power ballad, and the fact that it was intercut with Kurt and Blaine kissing made the tune about lost love all the sweeter. Those two crazy kids better work things out soon -- or at least sing more sad songs. 

What was your favorite number from last night's episode?