The 6 Best Musical Super Bowl Commercials

Britney Spears
Courtesy of Pepsi

Britney Spears in 2001.

It's almost Super Bowl time!

Yes, yes, the actual game is quite exciting, but everyone knows another major reason to tune in is the commercials. Here at Billboard, we get particularly excited when the commercials prominently use iconic songs (like Fleetwood Mac in Budweiser), or even feature some of our favorite musicians (Cheers to you, Pepsi!). 

Below, here are the six best music and musician Super Bowl commercials. 

3. The Flaming Lips 
Flaming Lips fans were in for a special treat with this Hyundai spot, featuring the band performing a new, custom-written song, "Sun Blows Up Today." 

Watch the spot here

What's your personal pick? And who are you hoping to see or hear come Feb. 1?