The 6 Best Musical Super Bowl Commercials

Courtesy of Pepsi
Britney Spears in 2001.

It's almost Super Bowl time!

Yes, yes, the actual game is quite exciting, but everyone knows another major reason to tune in is the commercials. Here at Billboard, we get particularly excited when the commercials prominently use iconic songs (like Fleetwood Mac in Budweiser), or even feature some of our favorite musicians (Cheers to you, Pepsi!). 

Below, here are the six best music and musician Super Bowl commercials. 

6. Eminem
This 2011 ad may have technically been for Chrysler, but it was really about Detroit, and community, and pride. Enter Eminem: As his mega-hit "Lose Yourself" played in the background, Eminem proudly declared, "This is the Motor City. This is what we do."  

5. Kevin Federline
We can all agree that the one-time Mr. Britney Spears was this decade's pop culture punching bag, yes? So we suppose we need to give Mr. Federline kudos for cashing in on that perception, starring in a self-deprecating commercial as a super-fly rapper...who's actually a daydreaming fast food worker. Can you say popozao?

4. Psy 
2013 seems so long ago, yes? But go back in time two years and remember a nation that -- by choice or not -- couldn't go anywhere without coming across someone yelling or performing "Gangnam Style." It's no  wonder Psy made a Super Bowl appearance. 

3. The Flaming Lips 
Flaming Lips fans were in for a special treat with this Hyundai spot, featuring the band performing a new, custom-written song, "Sun Blows Up Today." 

Watch the spot here

2. "Landslide"/Fleetwood Mac
The big question following this 2013 Budweiser spot wasn't if you cried, but just how much you teared up. It's not exactly your fault: The commercial, a love story between a man and his horse, wasn't playing fair -- and that's before the sure-to-make-you-weepy "Landslide" started up. Cue all the tears. 

1. Britney Spears/Beyonce/P!nk
Pop stars and Pepsi go together like pizza and, well, Pepsi. The company has been cranking out killer superstar spots for quite some time, whether that means old iconic Britney Spears segments or a more recent twist where Beyonce came face-to-face with Beyonces from all of her most well-known videos. It's hard to pick just one Pepsi clip, but if we had to, we're going with the 2004 spot that combined them all: Britney, Beyonce and Pink are Roman gladiators belting out "We Will Rock You." Why wasn't this released as a special single? 

What's your personal pick? And who are you hoping to see or hear come Feb. 1?