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Exclusive Premiere: Listen to Rumer's Gorgeous 'Reach Out'

Lauren Dukoff

For musicians, there's always more to learn from the past. The English artist Rumer has already absorbed a lifetime's worth of classics from the late '60s and early '70s, ranging from the work of idiosyncratic singer-songwriters to orchestral pop to blue-eyed soul.

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That all comes through clearly on her new song "Reach Out," which Billboard is exclusively premiering today. Listen below.

"Reach Out" will appear on Rumer's forthcoming third album, Into Colour. On the strength of her previous two albums, Rumer was able to work with a fantasy set of collaborators on her new material. This group included Rob Shirakbari -- who worked as musical director and arranger for one of pop's greatest songsmiths, Burt Bacharach -- and the same rhythm section that backs Daryl Hall.

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From its opening chords, "Reach Out" offers a rich synthesis of Carole King, ballad-mode Todd Rundgren, and Roberta Flack. Piano drives the track; Rumer surrounds it with a creamy, clear vocal, punctual rhythm guitar, and impeccable harmonies. Look for Into Colour on Feb. 10.