Watch Maroon 5 Crash Real Weddings in 'Sugar' Video

Maroon 5

How can Maroon 5 possibly follow up a video like "Animals"? That video took creepy stalker themes, added copious amounts of bare skin, buckets of blood, and racked up close to 93 million views.

For their new "Sugar" video, they rely on a different stunt: wedding crashing. The band announces their intentions at the start of the clip: "It's December 6th, 2014. We're going to drive across L.A. and hit every wedding we possibly can." They suit up and drive off to complete their mission. Watch the results below.

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Brides, grooms, and guests appear baffled as Maroon 5 helpers construct a small stage for the group. But once Adam Levine and co. start performing "Sugar," a crisp disco track, wedding party after wedding party explodes in excitement.

Watch as the reactions move from screaming to pointing to shouting to (finally!) dancing. Girls are notably quicker to recognize Levine than their future husbands -- watch out, boys.