Bob Dylan's Music Video Casting Call Is Peak Dylan

David Gahr

Bob Dylan

With Bob Dylan's 10 millionth studio album -- Shadows in the Night, an all Frank Sinatra covers LP -- set for release on Feb. 3, it's high time to break out the 8mm camera and get a new Dylan music video in the can.

Jimmy Carter to Present Bob Dylan With MusiCares Honor

And lo, here's the casting call for an upcoming Dylan music video! Helmed by previous Dylan director Nash Edgerton, the video is set to shoot in Los Angeles within the next few days. Blissfully, the casting call is peak Dylan.

For your reading pleasure, Dylan's actual music video casting call:

[DANCER] Female, 40+, full figured. Burlesque dancer, will need to dance in audition. Think timeless a la Lana Turner or Ava Gardner.

[SKETCHY GUY] 50s, rough trade, pock marked face, etc.

[FAT GUY] 45+, all around huge.

[BARTENDER] Male, 30s+, looking for characters.

Let's check off the Dylan tropes: A middle-aged burlesque dancer styled after a Golden Era Hollywood beauty? Check. A shady character with a world-worn face (i.e., the look Dylan has been sculpting for years)? Check. An old-timey bar setting? Check. Yes, Dylan has out-Dylan'd himself once again.

Of course, this setting makes plenty of sense for a Sinatra song too. Not only was Ol' Blue Eyes often pictured in a smoky bar, but he was actually married to Ava Gardner (and Lana Turner was one of her closest friends).

So peak Dylan in the 21st century is very much based on the visuals of old-Hollywood cool -- only a little rougher around the edges.

Of course, we're forgetting the best part: "[FAT GUY] 45+, all around huge." I love that "all around huge" is tossed in, as if "FAT GUY" just wasn't descriptive enough.