Hear Marilyn Manson's Creepy, Sex-Addled New Song 'Cupid Carries a Gun'

The Pale Emperor is here... and he wants you to check his Twitter. Marilyn Manson has worn many guises over his career, and the latest -- The Pale Emperor (a.k.a. his new studio album, due Jan. 20) -- has a new song to offer.

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Today (Jan. 8) Manson shared "Cupid Carries a Gun" via Twitter. Check out the subtle, silhouetted video below to hear the new song. It's a midtempo goth dirge punctuated by acoustic guitar and a little sex. Sample line: "She f---ed like a comet, laid as still as a Bible and felt like revelations when I looked inside."

Manson also shared artwork with the new song:

Back on Nov. 10, Manson shared another new Pale Emperor track -- this one ominously titled, "Third Day of a Seven Day Binge."