14 More Madonna Songs Leak From 'Rebel Heart,' Including Pharrell Collabo

Mert & Marcus

It's not shaping up to be a very merry Christmas for Madonna. Fourteen more tracks from Madge's upcoming album Rebel Heart have leaked online, including a track with Hard Candy collaborator Pharrell allegedly called "Back That Up (Do It)."

This second massive security breach follows last week's shocking leak of new Madonna songs, which found the Queen of Pop flipping out on Instagram, calling the leaks "artistic rape" and a "form of terrorism."

She soon deleted that hyperbolic Instagram post, and not long after spoke to Billboard about her take on the leaks and how the Internet is changing the music release model.

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"This is the age that we're living in," Madonna told Billboard. "It's crazy. I mean, look at what's going on with Sony Pictures. It's just the age that we're living in. It's crazy times. The Internet is as constructive and helpful in bringing to people together as it is in doing dangerous things and hurting people. It's a double-edged sword."

After the initial round of Rebel Heart leaks, Madonna officially released six songs from the album, including the Nicki Minaj collaboration "Bitch I'm Madonna."

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As for the new bunch of songs, Madonna is either ignoring the new leaks or commenting on them obliquely. In an Instagram post from Dec. 23 (the day the new demos started making the rounds online), she wrote, "Real Rebels think for themselves! Real Rebels respect ART!" In an Instagram post pertaining to the first round of leaks, Madonna asked fans not to listen to the unfinished versions of her new songs, so we can presume she's hoping fans similarly shrug off these latest leaks.

"It's thrown us all into overdrive," Madonna told Billboard. "We're having to think outside the box. Think on our feet. I didn't plan to put my record out this way."

According to Idolator, these are the names of the new leaked tracks:

Veni Vidi Vici
Beautiful Scars
God Is Love
Hold Tight
Best Night
Inside Out
Tragic Girl
Nothing Lasts Forever
Back That Up (Do It) ft. Pharrell
Holy Water
Graffiti Heart
Body Shop