Exclusive: Prince Premieres Jagged 'ANOTHERLOVE' Lyric Video

NPG/Warner Bros.


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While Smith's version moves quickly, with sweet strings and bubbly piano, Prince reimagines the song, stretching it out to convey maximum torment. "ANOTHERLOVE" grabs your attention immediately by starting with an accusation: "U said I was what U wanted -- Liar." After the potent opening line, Prince and co. play the track as a soul ballad swathed in heavy, distorted guitars. Halfway through, the song opens up and pounds forward, and Prince adds some classic adlibs which don't appear in the original: "Everything we used 2 share/ our clothes and even our hair."

Prince Crowns Dual Charts, Scores First Top Rock Albums No. 1

The video, produced by John Andosca of JPA Entertainment, contains shots from Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL's 8-minute Saturday Night Live performance, partially obscured by swirling clouds of ink and smoke. PLECTRUMELECTRUM is one of two full-lengths Prince put out on Sept. 30, and it was the first Prince record to land at the top of Billboard's Rock Albums chart. ART OFFICIAL AGE, the companion release, also topped the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.