Casey Kasem Finally Laid to Rest in Norway; Questions About Death Remain

Casey Kasem for American Top 40
Eric Hein/ABC Photo Archives

Radio DJ Casey Kasem photographed on December 13, 1983 in the radio booth of ABC Radio Enterprises "Watermark" division produced "America's Top 40 with Casey Kasem,"  the nation's foremost contemporary music syndicated program.

After a lengthy legal battle, Casey Kasem’s body can finally rest in peace. However, the burial means the legendary radio host’s demise will likely remain shrouded in mystery.

According to TMZ, Kasem was buried Tues., Dec. 16 at Norway’s Vestre Gravlund Cemetery. The news broke today (Dec. 22), almost a week after a small ceremony. Kasem’s own children were not at the ceremony and did not know it took place until today, the report says.

After Kasem died June 15 at the age of 82, his wife, actress Jean Kasem and daughter Kerri Kasem sparred over the burial. Along with fellow siblings Mike and Julie, Kerri filed a police report with the LAPD claiming their stepmother contributed to their father’s death. The elder abuse investigation examined whether a multi-state car trip Jean took Kasem on led to his fatal infection.

Kasem’s cause of death was first reported as “complications from dementia.”

The Dec. 16 burial occurred approximately six months after his death, following a long period of time for which it wasn’t even embalmed. The children accused their stepmother of delaying the process so as to prevent a medical examination into the cause of death. Given the decomposition, it is now doubtful the incident can be investigated further.

In the months leading up to Kasem's death, Kerri accused Jean of torturing her father, which included allegedly denying him necessary treatment for his illnesses.

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In Oct. 2013, his Mike, Kerri and Julie claimed that Jean wouldn’t allow them to visit their father. They staged a protest outside the couple’s estate, waving signs that read, “Let Casey See His Kids.” Two months later, Julie and Mike reached a confidential settlement with Jean granting them visitation; Kerri refused to sign the agreement.

Jean maintained she intended to have Kasem interred in Norway, because of her own Norwegian heritage, and because her plans to relocate there would allow her to visit him.