Exclusive Song Premiere: Arty's 'Night Like This'

Courtesy of Interscope Records

Arty photographed in 2014.

While Arty’s first album release remains on the horizon, he’s returned with a holiday treat to tide over his fans.

This week, the young Russian artist will give away “Night Like This,” a “really special record” that finds its origins in an evolving 2012 project. Opening with serene pads and an uplifting arpeggio that returns throughout, the production owes its escalation to a jagged throwback bassline and tight percussion.

“In the beginning it was a simple arpeggio progression idea when I was trying to get this old-school progressive vibe,” Arty tells Billboard. “A year after, I got back to it again while working on my album and it fit perfectly alongside with records that have been done already.”

“There is no better track to share with people who have been supporting my music since the beginning and it's a good representation of the diversity of styles that you can expect from my upcoming album," he says.

“Night Like This” is now available as a free download here.