Symmetry Battles Addiction in 'My Fix': Exclusive Video Premiere



Some songs build slowly to an emotional climax, but why waste all that time? Symmetry's "My Fix" starts in the middle of the action, when things are already at a boiling point. The song opens with a wallop, as Symmetry sings, "you know I'm a sucker for manipulation." In the song's music video, the artist matches the track's mood with tense, sexual visuals.

The connection between romance and addiction in the song is not an accident. "It's easy to point fingers at someone with a substance abuse issue," Symmetry tells Billboard. "But when we look at ourselves, we can easily remember what it's like to battle through a bad relationship and justify doing ourselves harm in that way.  I've been through both, and either one can be terribly dark."

The video opens on the singer and a girl tangled up in the sheets. The two lovers are physically tied together at the wrists; at one moment, the foreplay lapses suddenly into violence and they start to strangle each other. "I wanted to give the emotional abuse a visual," he says. "The sexual nature of the video was intentional.  Sometimes that's all you have left in the end of a relationship."

Making the video was grueling -- Symmetry "was bleeding and ultimately left with bruises and scars from the shoot." But it doesn't bother him. He notes succinctly: "If something calls for blood, I bleed."