Exclusive: Shigeto Premieres 'Tide Pools' From 'Ghostly Swim 2'

Anthony Ciannamea


"For this one," he tells Billboard, "I wanted to focus on the internal, finding a meditative and reflective sound. The artists chosen included weren't on Ghostly Swim, and we sought out some new faces... like harpist Mary Lattimore from Buffalo and Swim Team's AceMo, plus newer Ghostly singings like Lord Raja."

Fitting with Valenti's plan for a more "meditative and reflective sound," the press material accompanying Swim 2 reaches back to Brian Eno, the English musician and producer credited as the primary pioneer of ambient music. That means listeners should prepare for soothing textures, loops, and subtle changes, which Shigeto's "Tide Pools" provides in spades. But the song also has a clear pulse: A gentle, pleasantly glitchy rhythm with chimes and soft bells that drift and wash.

As for Shigeto, he remembers the impact the first edition of Ghostly Swim had on him. "I had brought it home from the Ghostly office," he tells Billboard. "I had it on rotation in my car for years, literally years, so many good tracks on there." At the time, he was interning at the label. "I lasted three days," he jokes. "I could probably type 15 words a minute, and my only reason for being there was to pester them to put my music out." But the combination of his pestering and his production talent paid off, and he's "proud to be a part of a project from two platforms I respect so much."

The compilation Ghostly Swim 2 arrives Dec. 23. Check out the track list below.

1. Pascäal - Holo
2. Shigeto - Tide Pools
3. Anenon - Grapevine 
4. Heathered Pearls - Supra 
5. Babe Rainbow - Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong 
6. Dauwd - Kolido 
7. Patricia - Spotting
8. Lord RAJA - Spilt Out In Cursive
9. CFCF - Oil 
10. Feral - Mirror 
11. Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler - I Only Have Eyes for You
12. AceMo - Futurism
13. Nautiluss - Lonely Planet