'Into the Woods' Soundtrack: Listen to Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep & More Highlights

Into the Woods
Peter Mountain. © 2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Anna Kendrick as Cinderella in Into the Woods.

Our wish has been granted!

Ahead of the Dec. 25 release date for Into the Woods, the full soundtrack for the film -- which includes beloved numbers such as "Moments in the Woods" and "Children Will Listen" -- is finally available for download. 

Since being released Sunday night, the soundtrack is already at No. 12 on iTunes, and is also available to stream via Spotify. If you're already familiar with the show, you likely went right to Meryl Streep performing the Witch's Rap (it's just as delightful as you'd hoped). Fans of the show will notice a few songs have been cut -- most notably "Agony (Reprise)" and the lyrics to "Ever After" -- but beyond that (and aside from a word change here or there), a great majority of the lyrics remain intact. 

For those that aren't as familiar with the music -- and who don't mind some light spoilers -- get ready with five tracks to listen to before you head to the theater. 

1."The Prologue"
The nearly 15-minute prologue (lead by The Baker, not the narrator, who was reportedly scrapped for the film) sets up the entire plot, giving fans their first glimpse at all the characters -- from Anna Kendrick's Cinderella to Emily Blunt's Baker's Wife. The real treat, of course, is the "witch's rap" about two-thirds of the way through. Naturally, Streep nails it. 

2. "Hello Little Girl"
And heeeeeeere's Johnny (Depp, as The Wolf). A comparatively small part, this early tune is Depp's big moment to shine -- and creep us all out. 

3. "On the Steps of the Palace"
Anna Kendrick's big "Cups" follow-up has arrived. As a smart but ambivalent Cinderella, she questions what the future holds for her, and what she really wants out of life...all the while literally stuck to the steps of the palace. "It's your first big decision/ The choice isn't easy to make/ To arrive at a ball/ Is exciting and all-/ Once you're there, though, it's scary/ And it's fun to deceive/ When you know you can leave/ But you have to be wary."

4. "Stay With Me"
Anyone who saw Mamma Mia! knew Streep could sing, but here -- in a desperate plea for her daughter not to grow up -- her vocals are more on display than ever. Bonus: Streep clearly packs a powerful emotional punch.

5. "Moments in the Wood" 
Get ready for Emily Blunt's big moment and get wonderfully lost in the lyrics as the Baker's Wife realizes that things can get out of control fast in the woods (a charming prince played by Chris Pine tends to do that). Composer Stephen Sondheim is known for his complex lyrics, and this tune is a high point in a rich score. "Let the moment go.../ Don't forget it for a moment, though/ Just remembering you've had and 'and'/ When you're back to 'or'/ Makes the 'or' mean more/ Than it did before/ Now I understand/ And it's time to leave the woods."

Listen to the full soundtrack below. 


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