Golden Globes Snub 'Lego Movie' Song 'Everything Is Awesome'

 Tegan and Sara at Firefly 2014
Dan Briggs

Tegan and Sara backstage at Firefly Music Festival 2014

The 2015 Golden Globe Awards nominations were revealed on Thursday morning, including the contenders for Best Original Song and Best Original Score.

And although I'm not arguing with the most of the Hollywood Foreign Press's selections -- Lorde's "Yellow Flicker Beat" is an eerie wonder, Trent Reznor's score for Gone Girl is masterful – I am raising a serious red flag at one egregious snub.

I know why the Hollywood Foreign Press overlooked it. Nearly every other song they nominated has a gravitas about it that screams, "This is a deep song about a serious subject!" "Everything is Awesome!!!", on the other hand, has three exclamation points in the title and a verse from joke rappers. On first listen, it sounds pretty dopey.

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But that's the point -- and why it's a much smarter song than anything the Globes did nominate. "Everything is Awesome!!!" simultaneously celebrates and satirizes mindless pop culture consumption. You can listen to it earnestly one moment and sardonically the next.

As used in the beginning of The Lego Movie, it gently skewers the herd mentality of the main character. At the end of the film, it serves as a rallying cry, after the protagonist has learned the value of thinking both outside and inside the box. It's a hilarious song that pokes fun at mainstream society while acknowledging that people have to work together to survive.

Plus, it's one hell of an earworm. Fingers crossed the Academy Awards give "Everything is Awesome!!!" the nod it deserves.