Trans-Siberian Orchestra Says New 'Wizards in Winter' Christmas Lights Video is 'Beyond Words'

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Bob Carey

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

You may remember the house from 2005 with a Christmas light show sequenced to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's song "Wizards in Winter" to a nearly seizure-inducing effect. This year a neighborhood in Yucaipa, Calif. banded together to one-up that old clip and many others that have come out since, getting an entire block of houses to synchronize together to that same track and videotaping it with a flying drone. 

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In response, Trans-Siberian Orchestra creator, lyricist and composer Paul O'Neill told Billboard, "We were incredibly honored and flattered when we first saw a house in Mason, Ohio, sync their lights to 'Wizards In Winter,' but to see a whole community band together and do something like this is beyond words. We only hope they don't send us the electric bill!" 

Watch the video here: