See the World’s Chillest Metalhead Cat Watch Slayer on the Couch

Tim Tronckoe

Slayer's Gary Holt (guitarist), Tom Araya (bassist/vocalist), Kerry King (guitarist) and Paul Bostaph (drummer)

Who would you rather hang with: Grumpy Cat or Metalhead Cat?

Metalhead Cat, of course (real name, Buddy), even if he/she doesn't do more than sit on the couch, eyes barely open, watching Slayer perform "Seasons in the Abyss" on the TV.

And was that a little toe-tap?

These Cute Kids Covering Slayer & Metallica Are More Metal Than All of Us

The video of this very human-like cat was uploaded back in April 2011, but has gone viral recently, as its play count approaches 1 million.

Here's hoping he's upgraded from that PS2 controller, though.