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Tangled Web: A weekly column featuring intriguing online music-related issues & destinations. This Week:'s Game Soundtracks, and Recess Records.

IT'S IN THE GAME: Music has become an increasingly important element of video games, and now online digital music store is offering "soundtracks" of various popular game titles to fans who wish to listen to the music featured on their favorite video game. "The Music of Games" is a section of the store, featured prominently on both the home page and from video game destination site GameSpot.

The store compiles the various songs featured in such video games as "Madden NFL," "Tony Hawk's Underground" and the "Grand Theft Auto" series into an album of sorts that users may purchase and download as a complete product. Tracks are also available individually.

Additionally, provides original reviews of each soundtrack, written by both staff and GameSpot editors. Each item features a review of the soundtrack on its own, and another commenting on the music's impact on gameplay. Further links are provided to music videos for certain songs and artist/developer interviews where available, as well as to GameSpot where video games may be purchased.

Both and GameSpot are owned by CNET Networks.

RADIO WEB: Radio DJs are notorious for keeping on the move and bouncing from station to station as they build their careers. A new directory called launched recently to act as somewhat of an online database of DJs who register with the service.

The site works much like, but for radio DJs. For $15 a year, air talent may sign up to the service and provide their bio, photo, airchecks and otherwise blatantly promote themselves. Users may upload up to five photos and as much as 2MB of MP3 audio files. Not just for radio talent, the service also accepts video clips from TV-focused talent.

Other services include job postings, links and personalized Web hosting services.

RECESS! San Pedro, Calif.-based indie punk label Recess Records offers free, unprotected MP3 files of its various signed acts. The site provides links to purchase the entire album after sampling the full-length songs, but several tracks from out-of-print albums are included as well. Acts include Rivethead, Shark Pants, Bezerk and the Crumbs.

Recess Records is run by Toys That Kill frontman Todd Congelliere, who on the Web site encourages surfers to "Take our music! It's free! Not only do I not care if people download free music, I think its nifty."