'South Park' Pits Lorde/Randy Against Iggy Azalea, Michael Jackson Hologram

South Park
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South Park

Earlier this season, South Park revealed that teenage pop star Lorde is actually middle-aged father Randy Marsh -- and not long after, they eviscerated Spin's embarrassing coverage of that episode as part of another Lorde plotline. On Wednesday night, the Comedy Central stalwart once again turned its knife gleefully on the music world.

In the episode, Lorde/Randy appeared at a benefit concert -- Night of Pure Estrogen: Women of Rock -- to address the gluten crisis in Africa. Iggy Azalea was there, too, performing a song called "Missy Who" -- a sly nod to those bemoaning the fact that Azalea is enjoying a level of ubiquity much higher than a superior rapper like Missy Elliott never did.

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South Park's Azelea was slated to perform with a hologram of Michael Jackson -- a less sly parody of the hologram that recently appeared at this year's Billboard Music Awards -- at the benefit show, which Lorde/Randy decried. "You can't just replace artists with holograms? Who will make the content!" Lorde/Randy said (not long after, music execs attempt to replace Lorde with a Lorde hologram).

Lorde's attitude also irked Iggy, who delivered this killer takedown: "Is that why you’re so high and mighty, Lorde? Because you’re jealous of this booty?"

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As if the episode wasn't perfect enough, the Michael Jackson hologram then escaped the concert -- only to be hunted down by a locked-and-loaded Tupac hologram. Incidentally, the Tupac hologram goes and sleeps with Sharon Marsh, who is Lorde's wife. 

South Park, can you do any wrong?

You can watch the "#REHASH" episode on Hulu and check out the scene below.


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