Fred Bronson answers e-mail from readers.

Dear Readers,

Something unusual happened this week: For the first time since "Chart Beat Chat" was introduced nine years ago, I didn't find any e-mails that merited inclusion in this column.

Oh, I had plenty of e-mail. A lot of it involved medications and body parts. And maybe I shouldn't tell you, but someone has apparently deposited several million dollars in a foreign bank account and they want to give me some of it. Sounds like quite an opportunity, and I'll let you know how it works out.

I do get a lot of requests to tell people how high this song or that album charted, but do I look like a Joel Whitburn book? Seriously, "Chart Beat Chat" was never meant to be a research service.

I'm also frequently asked how many copies a particular album sold, but per Billboard policy I cannot give out sales figures in this column. That sort of question is more suited for the weekly column "Ask Billboard."

So I thought I'd use this space to encourage the kind of discussion the column was intended to foster. If there's an issue you want to bring up, or a thread you want to start or an e-mail you want to respond to, you know the address. (If you don't, it's

While I do edit for spelling and grammar, the fewer mistakes you make, the greater the chance your missive will appear here. If you write in all capital letters or all lower case, it makes me want to hit "delete." Hostile e-mails are deleted without consideration.

Signing your first and last name is a must; city and state (and country) is optional but nice to know. Your e-mail address will be included only if you include it as part of your signature at the end of your e-mail.

Whatever you do, don't let me face another week without any suitable letters for "Chart Beat Chat."

See you next week.