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Keith Caulfield answers readers' questions about La Toya Jackson, Erasure and Madonna.


Hi Keith,

La Toya Jackson is rumored to have a new CD out soon titled "Startin' Over." Is there any truth to this and is there a release date? I know she has had success with two singles ("Just Wanna Dance" and "Free the World") from this upcoming album. Why has there been such a delay in releasing the album?


Stephen Bullard


The new La Toya Jackson album "Startin' Over" is due out in May through Bungalo Records, which is distributed by Universal Music. An exact release date has yet to be announced, but stay tuned to the singer's official Web site at to get the latest news.

The two singles you mention, "Just Wanna Dance" and "Free the World," both reached the top 30 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart. However, they missed any other Billboard tally.

It's taken a long while for this album to come out because of distribution negotiations. It was finally announced in February that a deal had been secured with Universal.



I have a question about British pop/dance duo Erasure. Can you tell me how much their albums have sold since Nielsen SoundScan began collecting data in 1991?

I'm a big fan. They are more popular in their native U.K., and it's amazing that after all these years they still have a record deal in the U.S., which I'm very happy about.

Don Casto
St. Petersburg, Fla.

Hi Don,

The duo, made up of Andy Bell and Vince Clark, has released 10 albums in the United States since SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991.

Here they are, in chronological order:

"Chorus" (1991; 368,000)
"Abba-Esque" (1992; 417,000)
"Pop! The First 20 Years" (1993; 676,000)
"I Say, I Say, I Say" (1994; 400,000)
"Erasure" (1995; 122,000)
"Cowboy" (1997; 160,000)
"Other People's Songs" (2003; 50,000)
"Loveboat" (2003; 7,000)
"Hits! The Very Best of Erasure" (2003; 30,000)
"Nightbird" (2005; 26,000)

The group is currently on tour, and next plays a 10-night run of shows at New York's Irving Plaza, beginning April 14.


Hi Keith,

I saw pictures of Madonna walking around in London in front of some studios wearing a fancy dress. She was with her daughter, and it seems like Madonna has a new hairstyle. What exactly was she doing? Was she filming a music video?

Thank you!

Majid Kazmi

Hello Majid,

Nothing has been announced regarding this supposed photo shoot. I assume that it might have something to do with the release of her "Re-invention Tour" documentary film, which is slated to bow later this year, possibly this summer.

Madonna is also busy at work recording a new album, the follow-up to 2003's "American Life."