Creed's Scott Stapp Releases Statement, Wife Seeks Psychiatric Hold

Jeremy Cowart
Scott Stapp

Two new videos of Creed frontman Scott Stapp have surfaced as his wife has filed legal documents requesting that the singer be put on a 60-day psychiatric hold, according to reports.

The new set of videos were reportedly posted to his Facebook page on Thursday (Nov. 27) and shot outside the Boca Raton police building, according to Stereogum. Stapp reportedly was at the police station to file a report. The site has since re-posted the videos after they were removed from his social media page.

On the band's Facebook page, after removing the videos, the singer released a statement on Friday (Nov. 28).

"I'm going to step back and let God control everything from here on" he wrote. "I should have continued to do that before I allowed my hurt, frustration, and emotions take control and post those videos. All I can say is that the truth will set you (me) free, and I'm holding on to Jeremiah 29:11 and Isaiah 44:8. This is a test of faith, and I will NEVER give up or lose my faith. No matter what. This will be my last statement until after justice is served. Love to you all my friends."

On Wednesday, Stapp posted a video on Facebook in which he said that he was sleeping in his truck after money was missing from his accounts. He also stated that his estranged wife was trying to get him committed.

That same day, his wife and mother-in-law, Jaclyn Stapp and Hayat Nesheiwat, filed legal documents to get the singer committed for 60 days after he was held on a 3-day psych hold earlier this month, according to TMZ. According to the site, his wife alleges he is on drugs despite his claims that he is sober. They also fear what he may do if he doesn't get help.