Prince Deletes Twitter & Facebook Accounts

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Musical genius and admitted Luddite Prince ended his awkward, year-long dalliance with social media on Tuesday (Nov. 25). Yes, the Twitter handle for Prince/3rdEyeGirl (his backing band) and his Facebook page are now missing from the Internet, gone like a purple motorcycle disappearing into the deep Minneapolis night.

Anyone following Prince on Twitter or Facebook shouldn't be surprised at the retreat. He actually released more albums in 2014 than he did Facebook comments -- for the record, his much-ballyhooed Twitter Q&A left fans with just one response during a three-hour session.

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As for Twitter, most of those tweets came from 3rdEyeGirl anyway, so we're not missing much. But who could forget the entirely batshit first pic he uploaded to Twitter? In case it slipped your memory, it was a photo of a salad smothered in pepper with the caption, "Did eye add 2 much pepper?" And then, of course, there was his legendary second tweet -- "PRINCE'S SECOND TWEET."

It's almost like Prince just joined social media to promote his two new albums and then dumped it after they both went No. 1 on dual Billboard charts. But no, Twitter could never be used for such crass commercial purposes (#FollowBillboardOnTwitter).

As per always, Prince's legal team continues to pull his music off YouTube, and the only song on his Vevo is "Breakfast Can Wait."

Well, at least most of his albums are still on Spotify. At least, until someone explains to Prince what Spotify is.