Exclusive: Elijah Wood's All-Vinyl DJ Outfit Wooden Wisdom Will Hit the Road in 2015

Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie
Aylin Gungor

Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie

Wood and DJ partner Zach Cowie will bring their retro "paradise garage" sound to five North American cities in January.

Wooden Wisdom is a DJ supergroup made up of Elijah Wood (Lord of the RingsThe Hobbit) and Zach Cowie, a music business jack-of-all-trades who has managed tours for Joanna Newsom and Devendra Banhart and supervised film soundtracks. The duo formed after discovering a mutual love for spinning vinyl, with Cowie performing as Turquoise Wisdom

In January, Wooden Wisdom will bring their self-described "paradise garage" sound -- a groovy mix of '70s and '80s disco and house -- to a handful of mid-sized clubs and music venues in Miami, Kansas City, Toronto, Brooklyn and Seattle. 

It's possible you've seen Cowie behind the decks before. He's been DJ-ing since 2001 and toured with Animal Collective and Fleet Foxes. Wood has been experimenting with electronic production since he was a teenager and began to take it more seriously five years ago. For a taste of their sound, check out this live recording of the pair's set from a recent installment of the The Do Over, a party series that found them performing with D-Nice and De La Soul's Vincent Mason.