T-Pain Dissects his Career on new Track 'Stoicville'

Courtesy of J Sharpe Agency
T. Pain

The election season just ended, but T-Pain is still campaigning. The singer is working on his next album, Stoicville, and he's been trying to get acknowledged for his influence on the current landscape in rap and R&B. Recently he got a lot of attention for performing a NPR Tiny Desk concert without autotune -- which is hilarious, considering it's his work with autotune that served as a stepping stone for Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, and others. Today T-Pain released the title track from his new album. Check it out over at The Fader.

T-Pain Performs NPR Tiny Desk Concert

It's titled "Stoicville," but this is not a stoic track. Pushing close to six minutes, T-Pain reflects on his life and career, sparing few details. It starts with melancholy piano, and the singer is still a kid, "coming home from school I had tears in my eyes/ They was picking on me said they wouldn't give me my hat back / Now I got enough hats to give away / It's better days I refuse to have flashbacks."

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Eventually, a beat kicks in and T-Pain gets into more recent events. That childhood bullying circles back to him in lines like: "How many n----s told me I was gonna fail / 'Cause I got a list of n----s that can go to hell," and, "Motherfucker do you just not recall / I needed help and you left me sittin on my balls." T-Pain doesn't exempt himself from scrutiny either, talking frankly about his own alcohol abuse and his tendency to feel sorry for himself. At one point he interjects, "Wake up call! Wake up call! / My answer to every question was 'fuck y'all.'"

T-Pain uses no auto-tune on the track -- he doesn't even sing. In contrast, his most recent hit, "Up Down (Do This All Day)," was a sticky, up-tempo track produced by DJ Mustard.