Leaked 'Beyonce' Track List Was 'Completely Made Up,' Says Parkwood GM (Exclusive)

Beyonce in 2014
Mike Nelson/Landov

Beyonce poses in the pressroom for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum in California on August 24, 2014.

That supposed “leaked” track list for another surprise Beyonce album? It’s most definitely a fake, says Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, general manager of Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment.

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In an interview for an upcoming Billboard feature, Callahan-Longo said the Nov. 4 announcement of a four-disc “Platinum Edition” of Beyonce (due Nov. 24 on 2 CDs and 2 DVDs) was never planned as a secret. Yet a fan-fabricated track list for a supposed Beyonce Volume 2, which featured inventive song titles like “KO,” “Good In Good Bye” and “Sensation of Pain” and guest features including “Renouncement (Featuring Justin Timberlake),” is bogus.

"It's completely made up," Callahan-Longo says. “After all the hubbub this weekend, we kind of said, 'Well, let’s just put it out and say what it is.' It’s funny, I got a bunch of calls over the weekend and I would say, 'It’s exciting to know people are excited.' Even if they’re reporting it wrong, and that people would take their time to go and create a fake one-sheet — right down to using a Columbia logo on it. I would love to know who did it. They clearly knew what a line sheet used to look like – they don’t look like that anymore.”

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However, looks like one dutiful fan did a bit of ASCAP research – of the fake tracklist, at least two unreleased songs – “Donk” and “Cherry” – have been registered under Beyonce’s name on the publishing rights organization’s web site. However, the “Platinum Edition”’s sole two original cuts – “7/11” and “Ring Off” – were not part of the fan leak.

Still, Callahan-Longo remains tickled with the fan response. ”You could never have imagined their creativity. So seeing some of those [song] names, that was so fun and exciting."

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As for the seeming expectation that Beyonce will continue to release future projects using secretive, all-at-once distribution tactics? Callahan-Longo says frankly, “You can only be first once, so I’m not sure we’d want to do it again. We typically at Parkwood like to look at projects where, if it isn’t unique or different in some way, it’s really not interesting to us.”