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Nine Inch Nails

Inching Back

TrentIt has been nearly six years since Nine Inch Nails' last album, "The Fragile." Unsurprisingly, fans have jumped all over the Trent Reznor-led act's new single, "The Hand That Feeds," ahead of this week's release of the album "With Teeth." Reznor even posted the original audio files for the single on NIN's Web site, inviting fans to use them in any way they wised.

"This is a more lyric-based record than 'The Fragile'," Reznor says. "The tracks were very thought out and realized and didn't mutate that dramatically through the [mixing] process."

In the vein of his guest appearance on Queens Of The Stone Age's 2002 breakthrough, "Songs for the Deaf," Foo Fighters principal Dave Grohl guests on drums. "Working with him has been one of the most inspiring and exciting experiences I've had in the studio," Reznor admits. "The tracks he's played on have come alive in a 'better-than-I'd-even-hoped-for' type way."

Fresh off a headlining appearance over the weekend at California's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Nine Inch Nails will be on tour in North America through the end of the month.